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"How can my grandma take off her shoes more easily?"
A shoe-horn born from a grandchild's creative mind and kind heart.

Raku-bera is a craft created by a middle school girl.

It all began when a middle school girl, watching her grandmother crouch down to take her shoes off everyday, thought, "I wish it would be easier to take her shoes off". Immediately she went to go buy a few shoe horns at the store, and started cutting them into various shapes.
This was the shape that her grandma told her, "Natsuki, this one is very easy to use."

This piece of craft was exhibited at the 85th Gunma Ingenuity Exhibition, and won the Mainichi Newspaper Gunma Bureau Cheif award.
Miki Industries attempted to commercialize the product at the first Takasaki Morning Pitch.


Simple design

Very simply designed, emphasizing on its functionality.

Surprisingly light.

Of course, it can be used as a shoe-horn.

Colorful, and stands out in your entrance.


Perfect for your home or as a gift

Keep one at home.

Give as a gift on Respect-for-the-Aged Day.

Use as a care equipment.



Use POM material for easy slip-on and off
Luxurious metallic color
Light aluminium shaft
An alumite processed item


Mix and match

Made, built, and packaged originally from start to finish, by Miki Indistry staff.

A green shoe-horn with a red shaft for Christmas

A golden or silver shaft for a wedding or anniversary gift

Will combine according to your preference
Delivered in shortest 2 weeks after order

Minimum order 10 pieces

"PL Insurance" applicable


Reasonable price


Suggested retail price: Open pricing

Wholesale price will be relatively expensive for small quantities but negotiable.

Gift boxes are currently under consideration.


Why not express your gratitude on a special day by giving a Raku-bera as a gift?

Any interested dealers are welcome.

Contact +81 27-347-2111 for inquiries.


Activate senior lifestyles with Raku-bera!

This product was developed because we empathized with Ms. Takayanagi's idea of "a shoe-horn that can help someone put their shoes on and off", and because we felt the strong need for an item like this for the senior society.
As you may know, a regular shoe-horn enables people to put their shoes on easily, but does not help in taking them off.
However, for the elderly, taking off their shoes is just as difficult as putting them on, because it requires them to bend their backs.
If only there was an item that made BOTH of these actions easier... Wouldn't it make people want to go outside more often?
The Raku-bera was designed at careful angles and with roundness to avoid hurting people's feet or clothes, so it could be used by anyone, with no stress. The length of the handle and spatula is also made for the easiest use.
Safe and durable materials such as resin and aluminium are used.
If more senior citizens become active and go out more using this Raku-bera, we can also expect an even healthier life expectancy.
We hope that someday a time will come where there is one Raku-bera in every household, for people to live a long, bright and comfortable life.