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Plastic injection molding process

Fuel system parts

Fuel unit parts

  1. Fuel cases
  2. Flanges
  3. Floats
  4. Cut valve cases
  5. Caps
  6. Pipe bends

Various insert molded products

  1. Mesh insert molded products
  2. Metal insert precision parts


Bobbins and sealing solenoid parts

Such as POM, PPS, PBT, PA, 66PA
Will use appropriate molding material accordingly to suit its use



Molding factory


Main factory - Mainly between 50t to 100t
Takasaki factory - Wide range of between 7t to 350t
First class molding professional - 1 certified professional
Second class molding professional - 3 certified professionals


Main factory

Takasaki factory 350t

Takasaki factory 7t


Product measurement check


Room temperature is maintained at 23 degrees C and humidity below 50%, to keep an environment for accurate measurements at all times. Precise measurement checks are possible using various measuring instruments.

Co-ordinate measuring
machines (CMM)

Various gauges

Circularity measuring

Image measuring


Mold storages

Regularly conduct maintenance, consider and order new molds, review and fix existing molds. Quick response is possible due to coordination with outside mold-manufacturing subcontractors.

Mold storage warehouse


Facility Information

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